All of the books are inspired by the spooky house on 108 Ocean Avenue. was January 14, 1976. They had lasted just 28 days inside 112 Ocean Avenue, a rambling house in the Long Island town of Amityville, 30 miles from New York City.


The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror Part II Cover

The Amityville Horror Part 2

Amityville- The Final Chapter

Amityville The Final Chapter

Amityville - The Evil Escapes (book)

Amityville The Evil Escapes

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Amityville The Horror Returns

Amityville - The Nightmare Continues book cover (1)

Amityville The Nightmare Continues

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Muder In Amityville

The Amityville Curse (book)

The Amityville Curse

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The Secret Of Amityville

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Mentally Ill In Amityville