The Amityville CurseEdit

The Amityville Curse

The Amityville Curse 1990 DVD Cover
Directed by Tom Berry
Produced by Franco Battista
Written by Hans Holzer(book)

Michael Krueger Doug Olson Norvell Rose

Starring Kim Coates

Dawna Wightman Cassandra Gava Jan Rubes

Music by Milan Kymlicka
Cinematography Rodney Gibbons
Edited by Franco Battista


Allegro Films
Release dates May 7, 1990
Running time 91 minutes
Country Canada

United States

Language English

The Amityville Curse is the fifth installment to the Amityville Horror saga and was directed by Tom Berry, it stars Kim CoatesCassandra Gava and Jan Rubes.


Five people spend the night in an abandoned haunted house in Amityville, Long Island and soon find themselves terrorized by assorted ghosts, venomous insects and ghostly spirits.

Marvin and Debbie buy the house. They renovate with the help of three friends: Frank, Bill and Abigail. The former housekeeper, Mrs Moriarty, is murdered. A priest had been murdered at the house twelve years earlier when the house was a rectory. At the end, Frank is possessed by the curse, causing him to murder Mrs. Moriarty (by pushing her from the top of a flight of stairs), Marvin and Bill. He tried to kill Debbie but he failed, and eventually, with the help of Abigail, Debbie kills Frank, and the two women are saved.



The film was loosely based around Hans Holzer's book The Amityville Curse. The movie is unusual for featuring a completely different haunted house and a different background than the rest of the series.

Even though the setting of the film is supposed to be in Amityville, it is not actually 112 Ocean Avenue, the setting for the previous Amityville films. The house used here is a different house. This film has a plot line and back-story completely unique to this film and is in no way connected to the previous films.[1] A brief reference is made to the DeFeo murders and to the town's supernatural history.


It was made in 1989 and released to video in May 1990.[2] This is the only movie in the series that has not been released on DVD in the US.